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What is the difference between a Font and a Typeface?

“A Gerbil is nothing like a Hamster, Hamsters for a start like to live alone and seem to wake up when you go to sleep. Gerbils on the other hand are the complete opposite, they are happiest in groups and love being active, chewing and gnawing at the bars till you play with them.”

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10 CSS shorthand techniques you’ll use everyday

CSS shortland is a technique of writing mulitple declarations and values in a single line of CSS code. The advantages of using shorthand is to primarily reduce the CSS file size, but there are other benefits. A bloated and disorganised stylesheet can be hard to debug if you encounter problems, especially if you wrote it and another unfortunate colleage has to fix it while your away sunning it in some hot climate.

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15 Major Brands Rebrand

We follow on the theme of rebranding by major brands by having a quick roundup. Following on from the calamitous Pepsi rebrand here are 20 rebrands that have taken place over the last few months, let us know what floats your boat.

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